Gateways To Service

It was recognised by SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) that a large percentage of people experiencing mental health difficulties remain isolated and disengaged from resources within their communities - resources that could improve their health and well-being and also prevent isolation.

Gateways To will offer support (for up to 20 weeks dependent on the persons needs) to people with mild to moderate mental health difficulties including addictions. Our aim is to support  a person’s recovery by addressing social isolation through the development of social networks, and improve access to mainstream community resources and activities. The service works with individuals on a one to one basis, providing person centred support based around personal needs and presenting barriers.

The Service has formed strong partnerships with community resources to enable clear pathways for individuals and has an extensive data base of all local resources,

in areas including

  • Education
  • Vocational
  • Health
  • Sport
  • Volunteering
  • Social Activities

The service provides pre-community engagement personal development workshops in

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Resilience
  • Confidence& Self Esteem
  • Assertivness

Referral sources: GP's Primary Care, CPN's Short Stay Psychiatric Hospital and Addiction Services

For Further information please contact:

SAMH Gateways
7&8 Broomhill Way
PA15 4HE
Telephone: 01475 806013

SAMH Inverclyde Service

SAMH Inverclyde Support Services assist individuals who have enduring mental health problems, alcohol and drug issues and Alcohol Related Brian Damage (ARBD). The services are registered with the Social Care Inspectorate as a Housing Support and Care at Home service, and as such meets regulatory and legislative requirement. All staff are committed to their continued professional development to ensure that they work in accordance with all good practice guidelines.

The aim of the service is to promote and improve the quality of life for each individual by assisting each person, in a recovery focused manner to reach their optimum level of inclusion and participation, regardless of present or past circumstances. Staff will develop therapeutic relationships with each individual, demonstrating a commitment to building or re-gaining confidence and self esteem. Staff will provide emotional and practical support to enable individuals to sustain their tenancies and access activities within their communities, promoting natural networks.

Delivery of supports is provided between 09.00 and 21.30 hrs. The services operate ‘on call’ arrangement.

Referral pathway is via Alcohol Resource Group and/or Mental Health Resource Group.

The service telephone contact details are:-
01475 787014 58 Regent Street, Inverclyde
01475 784555 10 Broomhill Way, Inverclyde


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