GRASPGRASP is a dynamic, visible and innovative example of a service-user led initiative designed to support people in their recovery journey by providing services directly to those in recovery, or by those in recovery providing services and products to the general public.
We are not an abstinence based project, in that we do not follow any specific model of addiction or recovery. We believe that if we support an individual to deal with their continued recovery and we support them in 'getting a life', then all they have to do is decide what they want!

We see ourselves as the cement between the bricks of the treatment system, ensuring that people are looked after seven days a week. They have been through the therapy and we provide the fun!

At GRASP we provide Peer advocacy which typically involves listening to service users, understanding their specific needs and helping them to access the support they need to meet their requirements.

At GRASP we also use Peer mentoring which is more about providing advice, acting as a role model and providing positive influences for people who may not have a good support system available to them.

At GRASP we have recovered and are recovering from alcohol issues ourselves and have the experience, and often the expertise, to help others and therefore we do make an important contribution to the development of successful services.

We know that the journey to recovery is challenging and different people need different things to get there, from family and friends to jobs and homes, as well as whatever specialist treatment and support might be needed. Flexible approaches that engage the service users are essential to meeting these needs GRASP provides this and more!

GRASP is based at The Crown Care Centre on King Street, Greenock, PA15 1NL
Meetings take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-4pm

Robert Whaley (Treasurer) 07766692045

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