Inverclyde Integrated Drugs Service

Drug Treatment services in Inverclyde are provided by the Inverclyde Integrated Drugs Team.

Wellpark Centre, 30 Regent Street, Greenock

Monday – Thursday 9:00am - 4:45pm
Friday - 9:00am - 3:45pm

The Integrated Drugs Team provides services to service users, carers and families. Our service supports people who, in addition to a drug problem, experience social, mental or physical health problems or use other substances.

How to Access Services?

The Integrated Drugs Team operate a self-referral system and referrals can also be made from GP, social worker and other agencies.

Services Include :

Duty Service
A duty worker is available to provide support, information and advice within opening hours of the service. Duty workers can also can assess and make referrals to appropriate services required.

Assessment Clinic
This service provides support to people who have been referred or self– referred and who are trying to move away from problematic drug use. This Assessment can lead to an agreed care plan and treatment.

Dual Diagnosis
This clinic is consultant psychiatrist led and offers on going support to people with severe and enduring mental health issues and associated drug problems.

Substitute Prescribing
People referred to this service will be allocated a keyworker who will help you achieve a personal care plan which will assist you in reducing and stopping your problem drug use. This will be used in conjunction with methadone prescribing where required.
People referred to this service will be offered short term detox using subutex treatment. Suitable service users for this clinic would include people with mild opiate dependence and people prescribed methadone who are considered suitable for methadone detox.

Hospital Liaison
Where a referral has been made from an acute hospital, staff can respond by providing an assessment and appropriate interventions.

Occupational Therapy Service
This service supports people to live more independently through identifying and achieving goals and overcoming difficulties.

Lifestyle Interventions
There are opportunities for service users to participate in a variety of groups activities and where required one to one support from our support workers. Variations of group activities are advertised regularly on our notice board.

Complementary Therapies
Our in-house therapist provides therapy sessions via referral for service users including message, relaxation therapy, accudetox etc.

Naloxone Programme
We provide Naloxone Training for service users their families or friends. Naloxone can be use in the event of an opiate overdose and can help save lives. Please ask staff for details of training.

Harm Reduction Services
The Harm Reduction Service offers a range of services including: Needle Exchange, Blood Borne Virus information and testing, Pregnancy Testing, Wound care etc.

Needle Exchanges

Boglestone Clinic : Wednesday 1:00pm—2:30pm

Inverclyde Integrated Drugs Team - Intensive Recovery Programme

The Programme’s aim is to help people achieve major and lasting change in moving away from drug use and the drug scene. In this programme a team of recovery workers provide an intensive range of additional supports to those provided by the keyworker and doctor. These supports are intended to improve physical and mental health, to help stop/reduce illegal drug use and to help people tackle the various life problems that they may have.

The service offers time-limited one day or two day programmes depending on the needs of the individual.

The one day programme is aimed at individuals who may have other complex mental health conditions or who require additional support.
The two day programme is aimed at individuals who are highly motivated to focus on recovery and gain /maintain the necessary coping skills to achieve stability.

For both programmes clients must meet the following criteria:

  • No chaotic drug use
  • Motivation to focus on recovery
  • Can commit to the one or two day programme

Assessment for both programmes will take place once fortnightly. Groups will cover topics such as relapse prevention, anxiety/stress management, relaxation, positive health and complimentary therapies. There are also opportunities to receive information about community resources and support to access these. Participant progress will be monitored throughout. Please note that medication will not be affected in any way. However, if the client wants to combine involvement in this programme with a reduction in medication - the keyworker and doctor need to agree this is the right thing for the client.

The programme is part of the services offered by the Inverclyde Integrated Drugs Team Further details will be available from the Inverclyde Integrated Drugs Service: 01475-499000.

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