Barnardo’s Threshold Plus

Threshold Plus Service which is part of Inverclyde Nurture Service aims to reduce the chaotic impact of alcohol and/or drug misuse on 16-25 year olds in Inverclyde and their children,
if they have any.

We will offer to

  • Develop individual support plans
  • Provide support to attend appropriate health and support services
  • Deliver and provide access to individual parenting support and groups
  • Provide practical support to liaise with accommodation providers
  • Provide support to improve family and community relationships
  • Provide support to access appropriate benefits and allowances
  • Provide information and practical support to access education, training and employment

We aim to work with you to identify the areas of support that you
require as an important young adult, to achieve personal and physical

Referrals: Self, Voluntary and Statutory Providers
Telephone: 01475 728493

Barnardo’s Nurture Service, Inverclyde

Provides early intervention to support vulnerable children and families who have complex needs. For many families this will include those affected by drug and/or alcohol misuse. We believe in working in a collaborative partnership with families and other agencies to provide
an ecological and holistic approach in developing responsive and accessible services.

We provide a range of interventions in response to the identified needs of families, e.g. individual work, family work,group work, outreach work, community development. Barnardo's Nurture Services continues to work with young people 16-25 years (Threshold plus service) to reduce the impact of drug and alcohol misuse through advocacy, practical and emotional support.

Referrals: welcome from all agencies, including self-referrals.
Referral forms can be obtained by email from

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