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Wellpark Centre:  Integrated Alcohol Services

Wellpark Centre, 30 Regent Street, Greenock

ImageInverclyde Integrated Alcohol Service is a joint team of NHS and council services which provides treatment and support for people experiencing alcohol problems.  

The service also works with young people, local groups, organisations, families and communities to reduce the risk of harm caused by alcohol misuse.
Treatment and Support Services

How to Access Services?

The Integrated Alcohol Service will accept self-referrals and referrals from GP, social worker and other agencies. Access to these services is obtained by having an assessment of need carried out. This assessment of need identifies the appropriate service to be delivered.

Treatment and Support Services Provided by the Integrated Alcohol Service Include:

Counselling Services

One to one counselling services are available to meet assessed need. This can be as part of the care pathway once someone has completed the day service programme or as stand-alone service where assessment has identified this as the appropriate intervention.

Consultant psychiatrist/nurse led alcohol day services

This medical and nursing service provides a range of medical and therapeutic interventions. People referred to this service will receive a in-depth assessment and given a personal care plan to achieve and sustain abstinence.

Community Alcohol Nurses

This service provides support for people who, in addition to alcohol problems, experience mental or physical health problems or use other substances. The nurses also prepare people for detox programmes. People can be seen in a variety of settings.

Acute Liaison Services

This service helps people in acute hospital settings (Inverclyde Royal) to address any underlying problems with alcohol. Nursing staff provide in-depth assessment, appropriate intervention and can refer onto other alcohol services for specialist treatment and support.

Intense Outreach Support Services

This service provides support to people who are trying to move away from problematic drinking. The support will start with an assessment leading to an agreed care plan.

Recovery Programme: “Moving Through”

This programme is a group based service which provides support to people who have completed one or more of the Integrated Alcohol Services programmes. The programme is part of the recovery pathway offered by Inverclyde Integrated Alcohol Services. The programme involves links with other agencies and has a strong link with other community facilities. Services offered vary over time, most recently there has been: healthy eating courses , art group, gardening group, guitar group, walking groups, craft activities, life coaching and  support to manage finances. The programme also works to support mutual support through peer support development.

Arrest Referral /persistent Offenders Partnership (POP)

This project is delivered in partnership with Inverclyde integrated drugs team and local Police Scotland services. The team work in partnership with local criminal justice services and HMP Greenock. The project works to prevent further offending and custodial sentences with the aim of breaking the cycle of alcohol and drug misuse and crime.

Prevention and Education

Healthier Inverclyde Project/DrinkSafe

This service promotes safe drinking and raises awareness of alcohol consumption. The team attend community events and provide services to employers for their staff. This service is available Monday to Friday with some evening and weekend working by arrangement. The service provides the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Alcohol and Drug awareness programme across Inverclyde ADP partners.

Young Person’s Alcohol Team

This service is dedicated to tackling Alcohol problems amongst young people up to the age of 26 years. It provides an extensive prevention and education programmes in both primary and secondary schools, counselling services and engages with organisations that provide a service to young people.

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